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ACG Online Repository of Conference Proceedings

As part of the Australian Centre for Geomechanics (ACG)’s commitment to sharing research, knowledge and education in the geomechanics field, the ACG Online Repository of Conference Proceedings was created in order to make ACG conference papers more accessible for industry and academia. Since 2005, the ACG has published highly technical conference papers across the geotechnical mining spectrum, including: underground and open pit mining, paste and thickened tailings and mine closure. This repository provides the mining geomechanics fraternity with open access to these peer-reviewed conference papers that may assist readers to maintain and develop their skills, knowledge and capabilities.

Aside from allowing users to freely download numerous past and current conference papers, the site features a number of useful functions. This highly interactive and searchable repository provides importable citation information in various formats, links to the paper authors’ profiles on ORCID, ResearchGate and LinkedIn, as well as the ability to share papers on social media.

Setting a benchmark for technology transfer and accessibility, this valuable online resource continues to develop and grow with each ACG mining and geomechanical event. Industry is able to sponsor the provision of open access papers for ACG International mining events through Open Access Sponsorship. Visit to learn more.

Seismic Risk Management Practices in Underground Mines

With the support of Newcrest Mining Limited (Newcrest), the Australian Centre for Geomechanics (ACG) undertook a survey to obtain a cross-section of the seismic risk management practices used in underground hard rock mines around the world. The survey included contributions from 16 mine sites around the world (Participants). The results of this survey were compiled and are made available through the SRMP website.

mXrap Consortium

mXrap is a software platform that provides geotechnical engineers with many data analysis, monitoring and investigation tools. mXrap users can develop their own apps using the in-built tools.

The ACG’s mXrap team has also developed a number of apps, which focus on allowing users to make high-quality geotechnical decisions as quickly and easily as possible. These apps cover the following areas:

  • Mining induced seismicity
  • Damage mapping
  • Cave draw and propagation
  • Instrumentation
  • Rock mass properties
  • Integration with numerical modelling

Development of mXrap is supported by a collective of mining companies who sponsor the mXrap development project, called the mXrap consortium. Click here to find out more about the mXrap Consortium and Software.

ACG Publications and Training Products

The global mining industry continues to evolve at a rapid rate and mining professionals are asked to explore new ways of enhancing their performance and contributions. The ACG’s specialised publications can help industry personnel maintain and develop their skills, knowledge and capabilities.

Achieving high safety standards continues to be recognised as one of the basics for mining companies to become successful. It is therefore not surprising to find that the improvement for mine safety is consistently at the top of the priority list of most mining companies. The ACG addresses this industry concern through the provision of current, comprehensive and specific geomechanics related publications.

Mining is carried out in an environment that undergoes frequent and varied changes. The factors that affect the safety and productivity of a mine must be considered at a number of different levels prior to and during the extraction process. Workers are required to readily identify and avoid potential hazards. As these skills are likely to arise without prior experience, they must be imparted through state-of-the-art training. Recognising the vital importance of employee training to improve mine safety and production performance, the ACG’s training platform is designed to enhance the competency, knowledge and skill base of the mining workforce. For many mining companies, ACG training products have become an integral and essential component of their training programs.

To view the full range of ACG publications and products for purchase, visit our online shop.

Non-ACG Publications

Industry Guideline for Rockfall Risk Management and Management of Rockfall Risks in Underground Metalliferous Mines Reference Manual

Editors:  Professor Yves Potvin (Australian Centre for Geomechanics) and Paul Nedin (Underground Mining Solutions)
Publisher:  Minerals Council of Australia
ISBN:  909276935
Pages:  160 page reference manual and 9 page guideline

The ACG welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with the MCA on the development of a reference manual and guideline that provides underground mining and technical personnel with an essential source of information related to the management of rockfall hazards.

Free copies of the reference manual and guideline can be downloaded from the below links, or contact the MCA.
Rockfall Guidelines
Rockfall Reference Manual