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Comprehensive Handbook on Mine Fill



Co-editors Professor Yves Potvin, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, and Dr Ryan Veenstra, Newmont, together with world-wide mine fill experts, are writing a new and comprehensive technical publication to examine the evolution of mine fill practice over the last two decades. This handbook seeks to advance the safe, efficient, and economic application of fill within the mining community.

This publication will be a valuable reference for mining practitioners, early career geotechnical engineers, operating and regulatory professionals, consultants, academics, researchers and other mine fill peers.


This comprehensive publication will explore both the theoretical and practical aspects of mine fill application with a range of examples and themes to be explored such as:

Overarching themeMine fill within the mining and tailings life cycle
Mine fill constitutive materials
Classification and dewatering of tailings
Fluid mechanics of mine fill
Geomechanics of mine fill
Mine fill management
Mine fill placement and risk mitigation
Mine fill exposure stability
Cemented rockfill systems
Hydraulic fill systems
Cemented paste mine fill systems
Underground distribution system
Early age behaviour of hydraulic and paste fill and their containment

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    Handbook Co-Editors

    Professor Yves Potvin
    Professor of Mining Geomechanics
    Australian Centre for Geomechics

    Dr Ryan Veenstra
    Global Backfill Specialist
    Newmont Corporation


    The ACG seeks sponsorship to assist with the production of their Comprehensive handbook on Mine Fill. Due to the evolving nature of the underground geotechnical mining industry and the necessity to have the most current information, the need for this handbook is long overdue.

    Email for more information regarding book sponsorship and contributions.

    Bronze Sponsors

    Contributing Authors

    Professor Andy Fourie
    The University of Western Australia

    Professor Murray Grabinsky
    Professor of Civil & Mineral Engineering
    University of Toronto, Canada

    Tony Grice
    Principal Mining Consultant
    AMC Consultants, Canada

    Tamara Kraft
    Engineering Technologist
    Paterson & Cooke, Canada

    Chris Lee
    WSP, Canada

    Maureen McGuinness
    Paterson & Cooke, Canada

    Kim Morrison
    Senior Director, Global Tailings Management Technical Services
    Newmont Corporation, USA

    Dr Angus Paterson
    Paterson & Cooke, South Africa

    Bruno Salvoldi
    Senior Engineer
    Paterson & Cooke, South Africa

    Professor Peter Scales
    Rheological Consulting Services Pty Ltd.
    University of Melbourne

    Dr David Stone
    MineFill Services, USA

    Dr Ben Thompson
    Senior Geomechanics Specialist
    Paterson & Cooke, Canada

    Matt Treinen
    Principal Engineer – Tailings Process Optimisation, Technical Services
    Newmont Corporation, USA