Integrated Monitoring Systems for Open Pit Wall Deformation

Project Team: X. Ding, S.B. Montgomery, M. Tsakiri (Curtin University), C.F. Swindells (Golder Associates), and R.J. Jewell (ACG)

ACG: 1005-98
Meriwa Report No. M236 (MERIWA Report No.186)

This three year project was designed to:

  • Improve and optimise techniques for slope monitoring data collection;
  • Develop rigorous mathematical models and software packages for monitoring data processing, analysis and visualisation;
  • Develop integrated systems for on-line data logging, analysis and presentation, and for interfacing with other packages and alarm systems;
  • Better understand the deformation mechanism of pit walls.

Research that was carried out in the project is reported under the following headings:

  • Review of current slope monitoring techniques and practices;
  • Development of an automatic slope monitoring system;
  • Study of robotic survey systems for pit slope monitoring;
  • Development of techniques and software for survey data processing and analysis;
  • Analysis and modelling of deformation monitoring data; and
  • Study of GPS technology for pit slope.

The report has contributed to a better understanding of the problems associated with slope stability monitoring, and has produced outputs beneficial to the Western Australian open pit mining industry in both short and long-term.