HEA Mesh

The ACG continues to be a pioneering force in providing industry with world-class geotechnical research. Outcomes of our projects are utilised to promote safer mining practices, operating efficiencies and to meet community expectations.

Project leader: Professor Yves Potvin, Australian Centre for Geomechanics

 The ACG developed the new high energy absorption mesh to tackle the challenges presented by deep and high stress mining conditions and mechanised mining.

The key features of HEA Mesh are:

  • It has a high load bearing capacity – approximately 17 t.
  • The mesh can accommodate significant deformation as the cable can stretch over its entire length.
  • Laboratory tests have shown that a 2.4 x 3.0 m sheet can deform more than 800 mm before breaking a single wire or weld.
  • Ease of installation. Underground trials demonstrate that the mesh can be installed with a jumbo as easily and rapidly as currently available commercial sheet weld-mesh.

These key features present an effective force to address extreme ground conditions such as high energy seismic events and squeezing ground.

Professor Potvin was delighted to be awarded the Inventor of the Year 2008 award in the Ready for Market category.

“The sudden and powerful nature of mining-induced seismic events makes them extremely hazardous for a mining company’s workforce, resources and productivity. HEA Mesh is designed to assist operations to mitigate the risks associated with rockburst and seismicity. The ACG is pleased to be acknowledged by the Department of Industry and Resources of WA for its innovation in technology design.”

For more information, please email info-acg@uwa.edu.au

HEA Mesh – A New High Energy Absorption Mesh for Underground Surface Support

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