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<div align="center">'''INTERACTIVE FLOWCHART'''</div>
<div align="center">'''INTERACTIVE FLOWCHART'''</div>
<div align="center">Click the headings and subheadings of the flowchart that you'd like to visit.</div>
<div align="center">Click the Seismic Response to Mining subheadings that you'd like to visit.</div>

<imagemap>Image:Slide7.JPG|Subtitle of Image Map Slide7.JPG|center
rect 42 301 250 463 [[Seismic_Response_to_Mining|]]
rect 171 198 371 317 [[5._Numerical_models|]]
rect 265 318 579 496 [[5._Numerical_models|]]
rect 389 205 688 317 [[6._Seismic_analysis|]]
rect 607 318 1074 495 [[6._Seismic_analysis|]]
rect 705 205 974 317 [[7._Measurement_and_observation_trends_for_forensic_analysis|]]
rect 1101 318 1520 497 [[7._Measurement_and_observation_trends_for_forensic_analysis|]]
rect 172 351 908 378 [[8._Understanding_and_Quantifying_Seismic_Hazard|]]
rect 264 544 1416 585 [[8._Understanding_and_Quantifying_Seismic_Hazard|]]
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The green area of activities in the flowchart entitled “seismic response to mining” is where the seismic sources in the mine are identified, understood and the seismic hazard is quantified, before control measures are applied to reduce the seismic risk to a tolerable level. The main tools to investigate the seismic response to mining are numerical models, seismological models and case studies of historical seismic response to mining.

Click the Seismic Response to Mining subheadings that you'd like to visit.
Subtitle of Image Map Slide7.JPG
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