Metallurgical Mine Tailings Rehabilitation

Authors: D. Jasper (Centre for Land Rehabilitation, UWA) and Z.Yibin, W.Yunming and Y.W. Shen (Maanshan Institute of Mining Research, P.R.China)

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The project involved a trial study of rehabilitation of the side slopes of embankments raised by the upstream construction method to be undertaken on a large tailings facility at Gushan and for associated laboratory trials to be undertaken by MIMR at Maanshan. In order to equip MIMR personnel with the appropriate skills, a qualified Chinese researcher undertook a 12 months training program with the Centre for Land Rehabilitation (CLR) at the UWA in Perth, and in addition, various items of equipment were purchased for MIMR. Together, these provided MIMR with the capability to undertake similar work on other projects in China.

Readership: Mine managers, site supervisory personnel, environmental officers and operators.


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