Further Research into Methods of Analysing the Stability of Deep Open Pit Mines

Authors: C.F. Swindells (Golder Associates), M.A. Coulthard (Coulthard & Associates), D.P. Adhikary (UWA), and C. Wang, R. Ganeswaran and T.S. Golosinski (WA School of Mines)

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This extension to the collaborative research project on slope stability consists of a study of the interaction between open pit slopes and underground workings relevant to Western Australian operations. Case histories are being used from China and Western Australia.

The work included centrifuge modelling of underground openings; numerical modelling of the proposed underground mine at Daye (China) as well as the centrifuge models; physical testing of backfilling materials which are proposed for use in the mine backfill at Daye (China).

Readership: Mine personnel involved in the management and operation of open pit mines.


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