Three-Dimensional Evaluation of In-Situ Stress Field at Mt Whaleback

The State of Contemporary Stress in The Pilbra

Authors: B. Ascott and C. McA Powell (Department of Geology and Geophysics, The University of Western Australia)

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The results from this project provide the best possible three-dimensional structural geological information from which the in-situ stresses at Mt Whaleback can be interpreted. The results provide the basis for designing a safe and economic shape for the ultimate open-cut mine at Mt Whaleback, which will have a depth of 400 m below mean ground level.

The extensive in-house geological database that exists on the Mt Whaleback mine has been evaluated and compiled, and six detailed cross-sections through the mine and surrounding regions have been constructed. Existing drill-hole and face-mapping information have been supplemented by measurement of additional structural information along 100m corridors on either side of the six cross-sections, and a three-dimensional model of the Mt Whaleback Mine has been constructed.


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