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Paste and Thickened Tailings

Paste and Thickened Tailings


Paste and thickened tailings technology (P&TT) is increasingly being adopted in operations around the world to improve the stability and safety of tailings storage facilities and to minimise the potential for environmental impact. The ACG is the leading provider of P&TT education and technology for the mining industry. This is through its series of international seminars on P&TT and resultant proceedings, state-of-the-art publications and an industry sponsored training DVD for tailings operators.

ACG Paste and Thickened Tailings Events

First International Conference on Mining Geomechanical Risk [2]

This new ACG conference seeks to provide a forum for mining geomechanical practitioners around the world to improve on assessing, quantifying, communicating and managing mining ...

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The next international seminar on Paste and Thickened Tailings will be held in China in June 2017. Please see the events page for updates. [3]

Paste and Thickened Tailings Proceedings and Training Product