Securing the Ground Training Video – Streaming

A training video for underground mine workers

Script Authors: Paul Nedin and Yves Potvin

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One of the most serious hazards in underground mines is a rockfall. This video aims to equip all underground mine workers with a sound understanding of ground control concepts, thus enabling workers to identify potential rockfall hazards and to take appropriate action to secure the ground.

Personnel from the five sponsoring companies all had input into the development of this training tool. The video promotes a holistic approach to securing the ground. Topics include:

  1. The mining cycle and rockfall hazard identification
  2. Scaling – manual and mechanised
  3. Reinforcement and support concepts – spot bolting, split set, anchor bolts, mesh and shotcrete

Key Features

  • High quality underground mining footage and state-of-the-art computer graphics
  • Easy to understand and follow
  • Reflects current PPE standards and safe working procedures
  • Applicable to most underground mining operations
  • Features language support and assessment materials
Product type

Training video – streaming


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