Reading the Ground (streaming video)

A geotechnical hazard awareness training video for underground metalliferous mine workers

Script Authors: Paul Nedin and Yves Potvin


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Geotechnical risks in underground metalliferous mining can be associated with all facets of mining activities, including scaling, installing services, loading and hauling, development, stoping and ground support installation. These risks can lead to serious consequences ranging from production and equipment loss to severe injuries and fatalities.

Good risk management implies that the hazards are well understood by all employees that may be exposed to them. A sound understanding of ground control concepts is fundamental in order to enable mine workers to identify geotechnical hazards, take appropriate actions and ensure their own safety. No matter how good the systems in place may be, the first line of defence against accidents is the capable, knowledge-based judgement that each individual mine worker demonstrates.


  • Identifying geotechnical conditions
  • The effects of stress on ground conditions in excavations
  • Risk assessment methods, applications and safe work procedures

Key Features:

  • Applicable to most underground metalliferous mining operations

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Paul Nedin and Yves Potvin


Australian Centre for Geomechanics

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