Tailings – From Concept to Closure (streaming video)

A training video for owners and operators of tailings storage facilities

Script Author: Andy Fourie


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The ACG seeks to build upon the skills and knowledge of mining operators and industry practitioners and assist operations to improve mine safety and production performance. This training video will provide guidance to personnel involved in the management and operation of tailings storage facilities that will facilitate the adoption of accepted best practices for the management of mine tailings.


  • Overview of types of tailings facilities and methods of construction used in various industries
  • Integrating operations into the tailings management life cycle
  • Risk management and geotechnical issues in tailings disposal
  • Potential modes of failure of tailings storage facilities, including examples from actual failures
  • Requirements of an Operations Manual and the implementation of an appropriate monitoring regime

Key Features:

  • High quality tailings storage facility images and graphics
  • Applicable to most tailings storage facility operations

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Andy Fourie


Australian Centre for Geomechanics

58 minutes