Probabilistic Stope Design

Project Leader: Dr Kyle Woodward

For an underground mine, the creation of value from mining open stopes is extremely sensitive to the quality of stope design and execution, particularly with regards to the performance of individual stope extraction in terms of dilution and ore recovery. For example, a stope with high dilution (high overbreak) or low recovery (high underbreak) will likely produce negative value for a mine, whilst maximum value will be obtained from stopes with minimum overbreak and minimum underbreak. The emphasis of this ACG research project is the optimum design of open stopes. This innovative and timely research project commenced in late 2017. The project team is Kyle Woodward, Yves Potvin and Johan Wesseloo.


Research Objective

The focus of this research is to develop and implement at five sponsor sites a method and associated tools to enable a probabilistic approach to stope design and reconciliation. The idea is to enable better stope design decisions and, therefore, to facilitate stope optimisation by informing designers on the probability of overbreak and underbreak outcomes from different design scenarios.

Click here to read the full details as published in the ACG December 2017 Newsletter.


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