Onsite Training


The ACG’s onsite training courses seek to deliver the latest technologies and information to the mining workforce in accordance with site specific requirements and applications. Our training and further education platform provides a solid base for the transfer of technological developments and practices based on knowledge gathered from local and international sources.


ACG Ground Awareness Training – An introductory course for open pit personnel

The ACG is excited to present the open pit mining community with a highly interactive training course for mine workers.

As the mining industry continues to experience a downturn, budgets for all activities, including continuing education and training, are under increased scrutiny, but mine safety is never compromised.

The training is conducted in Perth, or if required, at a venue that best suits your needs, to allow people to gain basic ground awareness skills before arriving onsite without interfering with production. Custom training can be undertaken inhouse, if required. We offer a cost-effective vehicle to train a significant number of mine workers at a reasonable cost.

Facilitated by Professor Phil Dight, Australian Centre for Geomechanics.


ACG Onsite Training for Underground Mines

***Please note, underground training is not available for 2019 ***

Several hundreds of jumbo operators, front line supervisors, mining geotechnical engineers and mine geologists have already benefited from unique ACG onsite training programmes. The training content is generally customised to suit local mining conditions and specific ground control challenges.

Ground Awareness Training for Jumbo Operators and Front Line Supervisors

This training is often delivered at a mine site for groups between 10 and 20 operators, over a six to eight hour training session. Recognised geomechanics techniques to assess ground conditions are explained in simple language that is familiar to mine operators.

Since 1999, over 700 mining personnel attended this onsite training course. Companies included: Newmont Asia Pacific, Mount Isa Mines, McArthur River Mines, Henry Walker Eltin Contractors, La Mancha Resources, MMG Limited and others. Over 200 delegates attended from Henry Walker Eltin Contractors alone between 1999 and 2001.

Rock Engineering Training

Rock Engineering onsite training is designed to upgrade the practical skills of geotechnical and mining engineers, as well as geologists involved in geotechnical work.

Since 2003, close to 200 mining personnel attended this specialised training course. Companies included: Newmont Asia Pacific, Mount Isa Mines, Kazakhmuys Services Kazakhstan, the Department of Mines and Petroleum Queensland, and others.

Yves Potvin (Australian Centre for Geomechanics) seeks to advance mine safety through the development of geotechnical research projects, further education and training courses, and training materials.

***Please note, underground training is not available for 2019 ***


ACG Onsite Geotechnical Training for Open Pit Mines

The ACG’s one to three day onsite training courses are designed for practical operational personnel, mine planners, mining engineers, geologists and anyone involved in day-to-day open cut metalliferous and coal mining operations.

Ground Support in Open Pit Mining

The training course examines ground support and its application in open pit mines from design through to implementation and monitoring/reconciliation.

Geotechnical Engineering for Open Pit Mines

This training course discusses geotechnical management plans and risk analysis; structural geology and geotechnical implications; pit slope stability; and managing ground water. Case studies will feature slope monitoring and instrumentation techniques.

Introduction to Geomechanics of Open Pits

To view the training modules from a typical “Introduction to Geomechanics” onsite training course, please see the training overview below. The training modules can be adapted to site requirements by adding or subtracting topics.

Phil Dight (Australian Centre for Geomechanics) has extensive consulting experience in the geotechnical aspects of the mining industry, and has worked on open pit and underground metalliferous mining problems.


Management and Operation of Tailings Storage Facilities

Many high-profile failures of tailings storage facilities (TSFs) have occurred internationally during the last decade. Some have released large volumes of tailings resulting in environmental pollution, fatalities, huge clean-up costs and financial loss. These can be very damaging to the company concerned. In some cases, these failures have been attributable to lack of knowledge of the mine tailings’ engineering characteristics and the possible implications for the design and operation of disposal facilities. While to a large extent favourable conditions have protected Australia from such a large failure to date, this could change and have a severe impact on the industry, and it must be avoided.

This onsite training course provides training in the management and operation of tailings and mine waste disposal facilities. The course seeks to improve the standard of mine waste management in order to improve the safety and reduce the environmental and other liabilities associated with these facilities.

Andy Fourie (The University of Western Australia) has presented this course at Iluka Resources – Eneabba and Gingin Operations, Tiwest Chandala Operations and BHP Billiton Nickel West (in-house training).

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