Onsite Training – Management and Operation of Tailings Storage Facilities

Many high-profile failures of tailings storage facilities (TSFs) have occurred internationally during the last decade. Some have released large volumes of tailings resulting in environmental pollution, fatalities, huge clean-up costs and financial loss. These can be very damaging to the company concerned. In some cases, these failures have been attributable to lack of knowledge of the mine tailings’ engineering characteristics and the possible implications for the design and operation of disposal facilities. While to a large extent favourable conditions have protected Australia from such a large failure to date, this could change and have a severe impact on the industry, and it must be avoided.

This onsite training course provides training in the management and operation of tailings and mine waste disposal facilities. The course seeks to improve the standard of mine waste management in order to improve the safety and reduce the environmental and other liabilities associated with these facilities.

Andy Fourie (The University of Western Australia) has presented this course at Iluka Resources – Eneabba and Gingin Operations, Tiwest Chandala Operations and BHP Billiton Nickel West (in-house training).

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