ACG Online Repository of Conference Proceedings

The ACG Online Repository of Conference Proceedings has reached the fantastic milestone of 500,000 open access paper downloads since its launch four years ago in March 2017.

The platform has averaged around 11,000 downloads per month, with variations in this around major international mining conferences. Total paper downloads by discipline are as follows:

  • Mine Closure: 66,494
  • Paste, Thickened and Filtered Tailings: 101,835
  • Open Pit Mining: 99,455
  • Underground Mining: 234,195

This result demonstrates the value of this free resource, both for students and academics using the papers in their own research, as well as for the authors and co-authors who are reaching a wider audience for their work.


The ACG Online Repository of Conference Proceedings was created in order to make ACG conference papers more accessible for industry and academia. Since 2005, the ACG has published highly technical conference papers across the geotechnical mining spectrum, including: underground and open pit mining, paste and thickened tailings and mine closure. This repository aims to provide the mining geomechanics fraternity with open access to these peer-reviewed conference papers that may assist readers to maintain and develop their skills, knowledge and capabilities.

Aside from allowing users to freely download numerous past and current conference papers, the site features a number of useful functions. This highly interactive and searchable repository provides importable citation information in various formats, links to the paper authors’ profiles on ORCID, ResearchGate and LinkedIn, as well as the ability to share papers on social media.

The Online Repository was launched at the Eighth International Conference on Deep and High Stress Mining in March 2017, and SRK Consulting, our Open Access Sponsor, enabled all 66 Deep Mining 2017 papers to be freely downloadable on the site.

William Joughin of SRK Consulting said, “As a long-time supporter of and collaborator with the ACG, we were delighted to contribute to the successful launch of its Online Repository of Conference Proceedings at the Eighth International Conference on Deep and High Stress Mining. Knowledge sharing to support our project work and advance the endeavours of our clients is key to how SRK operates globally, and as such, we are proud to have been the inaugural sponsor of this important learning initiative”. 

Currently on the Online Repository, there are papers from 48 previous ACG conferences, seminars and symposia.

Setting a new benchmark for technology transfer and accessibility, this valuable online resource will continue to develop and grow with future ACG mining and geomechanical events.

Data source: ACG internal analysis, May 2021

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