Rheology Fundamentals for Slurries and Pastes Workshop

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Date(s) - 9 Apr 2018

Rendezvous Scarborough Perth Hotel

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Rheology Fundamentals for Slurries and Pastes Workshop

An understanding of slurry and paste rheology or fluid flow, dewatering including thickening and filtration and surface chemistry/rheology interrelationships is fundamental to slurry system design, optimal operation and risk management. Investment into understanding slurry fundamentals is often insufficient to mitigate against the risk of under or over design and poor operating performance.

The course will focus on identifying what information is required, how to interpret measured data and how to apply to new system design and existing operations. You will learn about slurry physical and chemical properties, how flow properties or rheology are measured and how to meaningfully interpret rheological data for viscosity, yield stress, time dependence and dewatering information. The course will outline how to apply rheology and surface chemistry for pipeline transport and thickening equipment selection and optimal control and operation.

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