InSAR, Radar and Emerging Technologies Workshop

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Date(s) - 10 Apr 2018

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InSAR, Radar and Emerging Technologies Workshop

Seville, Spain

This workshop will focus on the use of remote sensing and the application of emerging types of remote monitoring technology. Remote sensing generally enables infrequent, multi-dimensional long term monitoring capability for wide area coverage both within mine sites and in outlying areas. Radar systems are widely used throughout the mining industry as their primary safety critical monitoring systems and provide close-in, focussed, real time monitoring and alarming capabilities for active mining operations. However, due to the dynamic nature of mining, radar monitoring usually takes place over relatively short term periods. The uses of satellite based synthetic aperture RADAR (SAR), as well as interferometric SAR (InSAR) systems, have been gradually gaining popularity as a tool for geotechnical and environmental monitoring of mines.

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