Conditions of Sale

The majority of proceedings and publications listed below are available as hardbound printed books only. Electronic versions of individual papers are available for most event proceedings – see ‘Purchasing technical papers’ below for ordering – and are not discountable.

When purchasing a DVD, please read the ‘DVD product information’.

The ACG only accepts Visa or MasterCard payments.

Alternative purchasing methods are available. Click on the image of the product you wish to purchase to find the link to the order form or send an email to to request an invoice.

The ACG offers discounted prices to its Affiliate Members1, full-time students2 and those purchasing multiple items3. The rate of discount to be applied is wholly at the discretion of the ACG. The ACG does not offer discounts if the purchaser does not meet the above criteria, i.e. part-time students, book wholesalers or distributors, libraries, etc., are not eligible.

1 Click here to see if your company is an Affiliate Member.

2 Students must provide proof of current full-time enrolment (transcript) before discounts will be applied (student pricing is not available online). Student cards are not acceptable forms of proof. Documentation must be provided in English.

3 The ACG will apply a discounted rate if 3+ items are ordered via the product order form and delivered to the one address. This is not valid for online sales. Multiple items must be purchased within a single order for the discount to apply.

Please ensure the appropriate pricing option is selected as an incorrect selection may delay delivery of your order.

Note:  For a period of 12 months from event date, a maximum of six papers of the event proceedings can be purchased by an individual company/individual.

To purchase a technical paper, please follow the following steps:

  • Click on the proceedings that you wish to purchase a paper from. You will then be redirected to the information page where you can find a link to the ‘Table of Contents’ for that publication. Copy the details of each of the technical papers you wish to purchase.
  • In the ‘Pricing’ field, select ‘Individual Paper’ (either purchased within Australia or purchased overseas).
  • Click ‘Add to Cart’ and in the “Paper Title” field type or paste the title and author details of the paper/s you are interested in purchasing. Finalise your purchase.

Discounts cannot be applied to paper purchases, even if purchasing multiple papers.

A PDF of your chosen paper will be emailed to you within two working days from receipt of purchase. For administration purposes, please click on the correct shopping cart to indicate whether you are ordering from ‘within Australia’ or ‘overseas’. Click here to request a preview of the abstract before purchasing your paper.

Pricing of all ACG saleable items includes shipping costs for couriered delivery. Alternatively, and only by request, orders can be sent by post if the receiver accepts all responsibility for the delivery of the items to be sent, however, the ACG can not provide tracking details or guarantee delivery.

The ACG will always use their preferred delivery contractor. The ACG does not guarantee delivery timeframes, but can provide parcel tracking details if requested. The ACG can only provide a guarantee for courier delivery to the address supplied for the order. If the provided details are for a dispatch centre of any description, the ACG cannot guarantee delivery beyond that point.

Please ensure full delivery details are provided as incomplete or incorrect details may delay processing and/or delivery of your order.

The ACG does not accept responsibility for failure of delivery if incomplete addresses are provided. All delivery labels used by the ACG will be in English.

The ACG does not accept responsibility for any importing, customs duties or other charges that may arise on your order/s. The ACG does not accept responsibility for bank fees or other charges that may arise from your transaction/s. The ACG does not accept responsibility for any other arbitrary charges that may arise from your order/s. The ACG reserves the right to hold your order prior to shipping until full payment has been received.

Permission is granted to quote from the ACG publications and event proceedings with the customary acknowledgement of the source. Republication of an article/presentation/paper or portions thereof (e.g. extensive excerpts, figures, tables, etc.) in original form or in translation, as well as other types of reuse (e.g. in course/training packages) requires formal permission from the ACG and may be subject to fees. As a courtesy, the author of the original paper/article/presentation should be informed of any request for republication/reuse.

Requests for permission for republication or other reuse of ACG publications or event proceedings papers/article/presentation or portions thereof must be sent to the ACG via

DVDs are in PAL format. Please contact via to request other formats or if you are having trouble playing our DVDs.

Special Conditions

USB Formatted Proceedings

If the publication is between 0-12 months old:

  • Libraries can purchase the USB then print, bind and loan the printed copy ONLY.

If the publication is older than 12 months:

  • Libraries can purchase the USB then print, bind and loan the printed copy or
  • Libraries can load the proceedings onto their secure server and allow students access with a password.

Libraries are not allowed to:

  • Loan the USB itself or
  • Copy the USB to CD and loan this.


All ACG publications, event proceedings and products are published by the Australian Centre for Geomechanics.

© Copyright 2020. Australian Centre for Geomechanics (ACG), The University of Western Australia. All rights reserved. No part of any ACG publication or course proceeding may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form without the prior permission of the Australian Centre for Geomechanics, The University of Western Australia.