mXrap User Case Studies for Mines Seminar

This event will be held online and in-person in Perth, Western Australia, enabling participation from anywhere in the world.

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Seminar Format

  • Case studies will be presented from global operations using mXrap
  • Presentations will be of 20 minute duration, including questions

    Please email if you have any questions with regards to the seminar program.

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Time Zone
This seminar commences at 7:30 AWST 14 March 2022. Check your local start time with the Time Zone Converter.

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Seismic Risk Management Process
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March 14, 22 @ 08:00 — March 14, 22 @ 12:30
08:00 — 12:30

Oceans Institute, Theatre Auditorium, Fairway Entrance 3, The University of Western Australia, Perth, Western Australia and Online

Dr Daniel Cumming-Potvin