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The ACG requests that authors follow detailed instructions to prepare their print-ready manuscripts for inclusion in our event proceedings and publications. These instructions are available in PDF and as MS Word templates. If you have any queries regarding formatting, please contact the ACG.

The above links are generic. You can apply these styles to your manuscript for any ACG event.


ACG Event Speaker/Author Information



Most ACG event proceedings are to feature written papers by the presenters. Please refer to the paper guidelines (above).

Please provide your event material in colour, as the proceedings may be printed in either colour or black and white when presented to event attendees. The proceedings will be sold by the ACG post-event unless otherwise stated.

Please submit your event material and signed copyright form to


Presentation Information

You will be required to prepare a PPT presentation to feature at the event. Should your presentation contain unusual software, and/or embedded animations/movies, etc., please forward your PPT to the ACG for checking at least one week prior to the event. Please include all linked media files – movies, sounds, data – as separate files. As a back-up, you may wish to bring your own laptop to use in case the ACG event laptop is unable to play your presentation properly.

Please bring with you a copy of your final PPT presentation that you are giving and any software, movie files, etc., that are required. All presentations will be copied onto the ACG event laptop prior to event commencement.

Please forward your career biographical notes so that we can introduce you to the attendees (see examples).

Please download our presenter tips and guidelines below for further information.

ACG International Event Presenter Tips and Guidelines 

ACG Domestic Event Presenter Tips and Guidelines 



The following audiovisual equipment will be available at the events: data projector (for PPT presentation), screen, remote mouse, whiteboard and a lapel microphone. Please advise us if you require any other audiovisual equipment, e.g. overhead projector.

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