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The Australian Centre for Geomechanics (ACG) was established in 1992 to promote research and education in the field of geomechanics for Australia’s extractive resource industries. The aim is to ensure safer working environments for all resources (human and capital) and to add value to this most important of Australian industries. Geomechanics: The study of the engineering behaviour of soil and rock (Geo – of the earth; Mechanics – the study of the behaviour of physical systems under the action of forces).

The ultimate goal of the ACG is the effective application in industry of the principles and practices of geomechanics by personnel with a commensurate level of training. This is achieved via research, education and training. Quality research and the subsequent transfer of developed technology will ensure that industry is aware of the latest developments in geomechanics.

ACG Vision

All mining developments will be planned and operated by professional personnel utilising state-of-the-art geomechanics techniques. Through high quality research and improved and continuing education and training of professional personnel in the mining industry, the Centre aims to improve their economic return and to create a safer working environment for all industry resources.


ACG Mission

To add value to and create a safer environment within the Australian and International mining industry by improved continuing education and training in the geomechanics disciplines, combined with coordinated research and technology transfer.


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