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ACG Current Events and Courses

Download a PDF of the ACG current events and courses here.


ACG Ground Awareness Training - An introductory training course for open pit personnel

(Perth, Australia)

26 July or 9 August 2016

Instrumentation and Slope Monitoring Workshop  
(Brisbane, Australia)

5 Sept 2016

First Asia Pacific Slope Stability in Mining Conference
(Brisbane, Australia)

68 Sept 2016

Management of Moving and Unstable Slopes Workshop 
(Brisbane, Australia)

9 Sept 2016


Ensuring High Quality Seismic Data for the Mining Industry Workshop (Perth, Australia)

27 Mar 2017

Eighth International Conference on Deep and High Stress Mining
(Perth, Australia)

2830 Mar 2017

Developments in Rock Stress Measurements and Monitoring Workshop
(Perth, Australia)

31 Mar 2017

Blasting for Stable Slopes Short Course
(Perth, Australia)

6-8 June 2017

First International Conference on Underground Mining Technology
(Sudbury, Canada)

1113 Oct 2017